About Me

Hello, I'm Ani Passarelli, a London-based textile artist and graphic designer.

Born in Guatemala, I was a graduate of Milan’s Istituto Europe di Design before working for ten years in the ready-to-wear fashion industry. I have since become a promoter for the development of sustainable, circular products and practices.

A firm believer in ‘sharing is caring’ and the culture of universal respect, I raises awareness of the importance of art history through the practice of making, the cultivation of curiosity, technique and artistic exploration.

I deliver art and craft courses across London, promoting collaborative creation and helping aspiring artists to bridge the connection between individuals, communities and the natural world. Also a keen gardener with a dream of a farm where food and textiles get cultivated amongst each other.

Artistic activism can quietly become a huge wave of change.

the roots of ani.

The roots of Ani
Bella Entes - Leather work
On set assistant for the art director and producer of segments of Sesame Street Latin America filmed in Guatemala
Sculpture course with the renowned Guatemalan artist.
Visual merchendiser and sales assistant.
Musical theatre school for children.
High school diploma with an 82% avg.
Royal Academy ballet training up to grade 8 and intermediate.
Textiles & Fashion degree with a 90% avg.
Screen printing for fabrics.
Hand made jewellery & bags.
Styling & promotion for the brand.
Showroom styling.
Styling and promotion for the brand.
Develop patterns & colour variants for print.
Matches on-line advertorial illustration.
Prints, illustrations & paintings.
Product photography & campaign styling
Product photography.
Product photography & campaign styling
Logo development & branded material.
Logo development & branded material.
Website re-design.
Set, costumes & art directing.
Logo development & branded material.
Product photography & campaign styling