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About Me

Hello, I'm Ani Passarelli, a London-based textile artist and graphic designer.

Born in Guatemala, I was a graduate of Milan’s Istituto Europe di Design before working for ten years in the ready-to-wear fashion industry. I have since become a promoter for the development of sustainable, circular products and practices.

A firm believer in ‘sharing is caring’ and the culture of universal respect, I raises awareness of the importance of art history through the practice of making, the cultivation of curiosity, technique and artistic exploration.

I deliver art and craft courses across London, promoting collaborative creation and helping aspiring artists to bridge the connection between individuals, communities and the natural world. Also a keen gardener with a dream of a farm where food and textiles get cultivated amongst each other.

Artistic activism can quietly become a huge wave of change.

the roots of ani.

The roots of Ani
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